Girl Sex 101 Interview with Allison Moon

One of the most common desires I hear from women looking to explore their sexuality is the desire to experiment with other women, and when you’ve gone your entire life without lady love, it’s challenging to figure out where to start out. I’ve heard all the questions: “Where do I meet a woman? How do I seduce her? And most importantly, how can I make sure I won’t make a complete fool of myself once I get into bed with her?” If reading this makes you fGirlSex101-2eel like I’m reading your mind, I have some good news for you!

Writer, sex educator, and Sapphic savant, Allison Moon, has the answers to all of your questions and more in her new book Girl Sex 101, which drops tomorrow! This book is part story, part instructional guide, all inclusive, engaging and fun. It’s sure to be a must-have for the sexually curious woman and those who love them.

Allison was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about Girl Sex 101. Check it out:

What is Girl Sex 101?

Girl Sex 101 is an illustrated, road-trip themed, sex-ed book for queer women.

Who should read Girl Sex 101?

Girl Sex 101 is for the curious, newly out, or sexually exploring woman, and the people who love them.

Is Girl Sex 101 trans inclusive?

Yes! Girl Sex 101 is for women-identified folks, regardless of what they’re packing in their panties. We talk about things that are relevant to both cis and trans women including hormones, analogues between different kinds of genitals, identity, communication, consent, and hands-on techniques for both vulvas and penises (and their related analogues).

It can be tough to keep up with terminology around sexuality and gender. How does Girl Sex 101 make language accessible?

We had to make firm decisions about language, with the understanding that someday the terms we use may be outdated. That’s just how sex works. At the start of the book we have a Cunning Linguist glossary to help provide access to the terms we use. For instance, I polled a number of trans women about the best words to use for describing their genitals. Trans clit was used a lot, but we had near consensus on the term “girl dick.” I had a bit of trepidation using this term since I’m not a trans woman, but I respected their opinions, and so we use the word girl dick to describe what conventional society would usually call a penis.

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve taught Girl Sex 101 as a workshop for years, and it became clear to me that my participants needed more resources. I wanted to write a book that was accessible, fun, funny, and educational. I wrote the book I would have wanted when I was coming out when I was 16.

Do you have a favorite part of Girl Sex 101?

I love the crowdsourced parts. I conducted a poll and got over 100 responses. I peppered those answers to certain questions like “What’s your relationship with your breasts?” and “What are your safer sex practices” throughout the book to offer varying perspectives.

I heard that there are some excellent interviews in Girl Sex 101. Can you name drop a few of your interviewees and what topics they discuss in the book?

All of them! Jiz Lee talks about their specialty: squirting. Tina Horn talks about giving blow jobs to strap-ons. Carol Queen writes about sexual fluidity and labels. Sex Nerd Sandra talks about learning how to listen in bed. Kelly Shibari talks about being a big girl, and how that affects sex. Tobi Hill Meyer offers a lot of practical tips for trans women and cis women together. Ignacio Rivera (aka Papi Coxx) discusses genderqueer identity. Claudia Astorino talks about intersex identity. And there’s a lot more. It’s an exciting group of folks!

What is one piece advice you have for women-identified folks who are new (and nervous!) to playing with other women?

Listen more. Listen as much as possible. Keep breathing and learn to listen to your lover: her words, her breath, her body. You’ll be amazed how much you learn.

Is there anything else you want us to know about Girl Sex 101?

Girl Sex 101 includes a hot story! Even if you think you’ve got all the concepts down, there’s a great erotic story that weaves throughout the book, with fun characters doing hot things to each other as a means of illustrating the concepts. Plus the illustrations (by kd diamond) are super fun and sexy!

How can readers find more information on you and your other work?

I’m at and on twitter at @GirlSex101 or @TheAllisonMoon. I have three other books: a sex memoir called Bad Dyke, and two lesbian werewolf novels known as Tales of the Pack.


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