Self Care

It’s been a rough few weeks, so I am dedicating as much of this weekend as possible to self-care! For me there are two sides to the self-care coin. The not fun, but necessary stuff, and the relaxing, fun activities we usually associate with self –care. To paint a clearer picture, it’s looking like: waking up at a reasonable time to walk my dog and complete important tasks before going to work, making sure I take all my medications at the right times, and remembering to eat smaller meals full of foods that are less likely to cause pain flare ups. It means spending time with people who make me smile, cuddling aforementioned dog, spacing out and watching tv, and breaking in this awesome new coloring book I bought from work. Isn’t it fantastic?

Self-care can look any way you need it to; taking care of important errands or tasks, spending time outside, turning off your phone for a few hours and tuning out, taking a bubble bath. But if you want to practice self care with a partner, one of the easiest way is to give or receive (or take turns in each role) a massage. Last year I was asked by the folks at Astroglide to give a massage tip for their blog. Of course, I brought up how to kink it up a notch. The entire article provides some really excellent ideas. Read the article below. Then go to the comments section and let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite self-care strategies and activities.


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